About Kaleidospia

Thank you for taking the time to explore our little resource shop!

The idea of starting Kaleidospia stemmed from our personal experiences as educators. Many a time we wished there were stamps or stickers for diagrams or expressions that cannot be put into words. As former and present Mathematics teachers for example (many seasoned primary school teachers here in Singapore had to teach English, Math and Science before subject specialisation was introduced!), we understand the pain from having to photocopy analogue clocks for over 30 students (sometimes more than once!) just so that they could do their corrections with a clean slate, or hand-write reminders ("Where are your workings?") on a mountain pile of activity books. Having been teaching English, we also understand that students need constant encouragement for their writing.

Teaching is already stressful enough. Why not make things easier and FUN for all of us? That's the ultimate goal here at Kaleidospia :)

We are constantly thinking of new ways to spice up the marking process. Should you have any ideas that you'd like to share, hit us up!