1. Where are you based?
    Kaleidospia is based in Singapore. Hence, you would see a lot of stamp designs that are relevant to the Singapore context. We do try to create designs that that would cater to everyone's needs!

  2. Where are your designs from?
    You'd be pleased to know that all of our stamp designs are hand-drawn from scratch by our resident illustrator. Some of the designs could be inspired by what came up on Google but there will never be an exact 1:1 copy. We always try to improve what's already out there and make it relevant to the stamp design that we are planning to create!

  3. How long is the lead time?
    It is usually about 1 to 2 weeks depending on how busy we are (we hold a day job 😌) and how long the stamp materials take to arrive. As all products are made-to-order, do expect some wait time. We appreciate your kind understanding in this.

  4. What is the colour of your stamp cases?
    We are currently using Xstamper QuiX stamps which come in one standard colour - teal. You will be able to distinguish the ink colour from the test label that has been pasted on the stamp.

    We are currently in the midst of procuring stamp cases that come in a variety of colours. We will update on our Instagram once we have changed our stamp packaging!

  5. Am I able to customise the size of the impression?
    We are currently limited to the few stamp sizes that Xstamper QuiX offers. Hence, the sizes shown on our product pages are fixed. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Be rest assured that we have created test batches of all the stamps ourselves to ensure that they are of crisp quality before launching them.

  6. How many impressions can each stamp make before the ink runs out?
    Xstamper QuiX stamps are known for their superior quality. Each stamp is able to perform up to 50,000 impressions before re-inking is necessary. 

  7. How do I refill the ink?
    Simply remove (pull out) the handle (where the label is pasted on) and place between 2 to 6 drops of ink into both rectangular holes on each side (for rectangular stamps) or the only circular hole (for round stamps). If you require further assistance, feel free to reach out to us via email or Instagram DM!

  8. How much is shipping? Do you ship internationally?
    Please refer to the Shipping & Returns page for more information. Yes, we do ship internationally. Do refer to the Shipping & Returns page for international freight charges as well.

If we did not manage to answer your question, please do not hesitate to send us an email or Instagram DM 😊